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About Me!

I’m a mid twenty-something that is always interested in weird and different things! I’m one of those types that regularly gets sidetracked while trying to complete another task that is far more important!


Obligatory nature selfie!

With this blog I hope to show you the beauty, fun and adventure that walking in Sussex can provide. I’m usually hiking solo as I seem to be the only one in contact book who enjoys long walks and making the effort to appreciate the natural (and sometimes man-made) wonder of the outdoors!

A large number of my walks are centered around East Grinstead, as I live in a humble little flat in the town. The town is a historical market town, steeped in railway history (with two abandoned railway trails) and has a ridiculous number of walks and footpaths that originate or pass through the town; so what could be more convenient? The Ashdown Forest is also about 15 minutes drive to the south and offers a magnificent natural protected area to explore. To the west, there is the potential to explore the glorious fledgling River Medway and Kingscote Valley before the river makes its way through Kent to the coast.


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